To All-Hart Fidelity.   

Like a stylus travels the groove, 

so moves Our Journey together

in vintage audio (And more) .


Tubes, horns, solid state what gives?

So many choices, online info CAN make things more complicated it seems.

Speak To Me

Speakers...Vintage, to repair upgrade or replace? The cycle is vicious.  "Synergy" what is it? Whats the best speaker for my amp? Different thoughts and beliefs cloud our way. Do these sound better than those?  No, they don't.  Just because i prefer them, does not make them "better". Are we hearing the speaker? How then, is it neutral?  Some believe we buy the speaker first, and the cd player last. Many of us get an amp or receiver, and work out from there. Thats the way i did it, but would i do it that way now? Lets keep in mind, what we hear, is not the speaker. The speaker, amp, preamp ect. is only meant to relay what we hear, which is the source. Lp, stereo, cd ect.  Schools of thought can be discussed here, and direction is the key so we don't waste money while learning some fundementals. If your new to it all, feel free to ask questions.  If you have read online forums and got confused, join the club and allow me to clarify that for you.

Receive This!

How to shop for receivers, and pick one thats "good"? When are components "better" and just what does "better"mean?