Why are we here?

Commonly referred to as a blog, this area i hope is for us to meet, and share in Our journey through not just audio.  While the foundation here is for me to share some of my story in the hobby of vintage audio, during this search ive me so many people along the way that i like to think of as the building blocks OF this foundation. That is everyone i've met. Yes, the Craigslist flakes, folks on Fleapay who jack up prices so i can't buy it, the guy at  Goodwill following me around to see if i'm going to set that Pioneer SX-1010 down someplace (i know it was you) , all of us.  Read some of my story, keep in mind i am brand new to web site building, but know a fair share about audio, and would like to freely share not just what i have learned, but also learn from others. Now, what got me into it?